Those first moments of baby’s life when they are so peaceful, calm and petite are so precious, but also so fleeting!

 My newborn portrait sessions will capture those moments and turning them into timeless pieces of art for you and your family. Pictures last forever and become a priceless investment, capturing the unique moments that never be repeated again. Newborn sessions ideally take place within 10 days after birth to take advantage of baby’s natural flexibility. This is not to say that we cannot photograph your little one after two weeks. Beautiful newborn photography images can be captured at any stage. However, you should know that once past this “new” stage, we may not be able to get curly poses. Sessions include multiple poses using choices of wraps and props.  My sessions can last up to 4 hours to give plenty of time for baby to rest and feed between poses. Please reserve your session between 1-2 months before baby is due.  I keep my newborn schedule very flexible, so don’t worry if baby doesn’t come on time. Contact me to reserve your session today.  


Before your arrival I will have prepared the studio by laying out wraps and blankets, hanging backdrop, testing studio lighting and arrange the props. I also ask baby's parents to help in preparing for our session.  Please try to keep baby awake for 2-3 hours before the session and time their feeding schedule so they will be ready to eat as soon as you arrive.  This will help put baby in a full milk coma which is easier to position into all those cute poses. Please bring a pacifier with you, as this is a must-have to soothe baby between poses.  For family shots with baby, I encourage everyone to dress in white (or at least solid coloured clothes), because it flows better with the set up.  Finally, if you have a special memento or item (wedding rings, dog tags, etc.) you would like incorporated please feel free to bring it.  Just let me know what your bringing so I can plan it into the session.

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